Our Impact

Design Factory London has a proven track record of making a significant impact in various fields. We have facilitated the development of innovative solutions, supported the growth of startups, and enhanced the skills and knowledge of individuals and organisations. Our work extends to industries such as technology, healthcare, education, and beyond. Working with the likes of Chelsea FC. Heathrow, Ford, McDonalds and many more.

Heathrow Innovation Challenge

“Innovation Challenge,” a collaboration with Brunel University London’s new initiatives, Design Factory London & Solution Futures. Students from various courses and levels joined forces to address the challenge of encouraging passengers to recycle more. The winning teams were awarded £1,000 for first place and £500 for second place, thanks to Santander UK Universities.

Ford Design Factory Challenge

Ford, a renowned name in the automotive industry, recently embarked on a thrilling collaboration known as the Ford Design Factory Challenge in conjunction with D-Ford and Design Factory London (DFL). This challenge’s mission was to inspire inventive solutions for the future of mobility in non-urban areas, and the quality and ingenuity of the submitted proposals exceeded our expectations. Out of the 18 competing teams, five finalists had the honour of presenting their ideas to the D-Ford judging panel. Their concepts encompassed a range of innovations, from compact electric vehicles to cutting-edge smart mobility platforms. Following meticulous evaluation, the winning team introduced a shared vehicle concept, lauded for its originality, practicality, and user-focused approach. 

McDonald’s Sustainable Happy Meal Toy Challenge

McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast-food chain, recently embarked on an exciting quest to revolutionise their iconic Happy Meal toys. This challenge aimed to tackle pressing environmental and social issues and was a collaborative effort between McDonald’s and The Marketing Store, the agency behind Happy Meal toys in Europe. 
Students from 10 design factories worldwide joined forces, working tirelessly for six weeks to create sustainable and engaging toy concepts. The competition culminated in a thrilling pitch event, where a winning team was selected to see their vision become a reality.

Chelsea FC Foundation’s Virtual Entrepreneurial Challenge 

Brunel University London and Chelsea FC Foundation have joined forces to create a unique virtual entrepreneurial event, bringing together over 100 students in pursuit of an exciting challenge: ‘how to engage with fans in a post-COVID world.’ Organised into multi-disciplinary teams of five, these students will present their ideas at an upcoming event on November 19th, competing against more than 15 teams for a coveted prize from Chelsea Football Club.
The model the students will use is the Design based learning model which will be offered by our Design Factory London team which focuses on multi-disciplinary learning. 

Join the Next Challenge

If you’re interested in participating in our next career-changing CV and experience a challenge with one of our partners, please don’t hesitate to contact us.